Summer School Welcome!

by ucclangcent

We are now well and truly into the swing of things and it’s hard to believe we are approaching week 4 in the summer school. So many students from all over the world have come to join our English language family here at UCC and with every week that passes, the numbers are increasing!

This year, we launched our “word of the day” campaign on Facebook. Every day a new word is posted up, with the aim of teaching students new vocabulary to use in class and as a talking point in lessons.  There is a word for lower levels and higher levels, so choose your level and try and see how much extra vocabulary you can learn through this campaign. We want students to post sentences using the word in a way that gives meaning without defining the actual word. This is a great way of checking that you understand meaning and is also an opportunity for you to share your knowledge with other students!

The social activities have so far proved to be a huge hit! Doneraile, Cork City Gaol, the photographic walking tour of Cork and bowling were great fun. They are a great opportunity for students to meet up and get to know others studying in the summer school. We have got some really exciting tours coming up over the next few weeks, so sty tuned!!

We launched our very first day trip last week. Students crossed the border to Cork’s neighbours, Kerry and enjoyed a wonderful time at Mucross House and Gardens. A photo tells a thousand words and they really showed that you all had a lot of fun. It was great that the sun was shining and you got to see such a picturesque part of the country.

Well now that Wimbledon is finally over, we no longer have any excuse to be sitting outside drinking strawberry frappucinos but I won’t tell if you don’t! Have a great week and enjoy the trip to Youghal on Wednesday!