“The thing I love about UCC is the old building like a castle in the Harry Potter movie.”

by ucclangcent

I met up with Peter (Zhibo Cao) who is from Henan Province, China to ask him some questions about his time here in University College Cork. At present, Peter is doing an MA in Teaching Chinese and also taking a course in English for Academic Study.

Peter from China

Peter from China

Hi Peter, thanks for agreeing to do this interview. Tell us about your English language course; what does the course cover? This course covers English writing, reading, grammar, pronunciation, appreciation of English novels, etc.

Do you think it is beneficial for you?  Yes, it benefits me a lot, especially the English writing where I have figured out many problems that I felt puzzled before. Most importantly, my advanced English teacher is very serious and responsible for his teaching content and our study.

That is great to hear. 

What about our university; would you recommend it and in particular the Language Centre?  Yes, it’s my pleasure to recommend UCC and its Language Centre, which are the great place to learn and do research.

Thanks, Peter. We are happy you like it. 

What advice would you give a student from your country coming to live and study in Cork? According to my experience, I would suggest that students who will come here should work hard on English study which is a bridge for life here. Then, you need to read some linguistic books or articles which can help you to get used to the courses here.

That is good advice. Thanks!

What has surprised you most about life in UCC? Well, what surprises me most here are the clubs which often organise some activities in bars or pubs whose atmosphere is deeply rooted in the Irish culture. And, of course, that never occurs in China.

Yes, life in Ireland must be very different to life back home in China.

Talking of China, what do you miss about home? Actually, I miss my mother’s cooking most, such as cooked chicken wings, Kung Pao chicken, etc.

Kung Pao chicken

Kung Pao chicken

That looks delicious! I love Chinese food too.

If you could transfer one thing from your home country (not your family) to your home here in Cork, what would it be? A pair of suspender trousers. Because I like the style of it which makes me more handsome.

You know, Peter, you might be able to get those in the city centre.

What about your free time? Have you experienced Cork night life? Tell us about that. In my free time, I often read some original English novels and have fun with my friends in certain pubs to experience the Cork night life, such as Cork Jazz, dance, and folk music.

Finish this sentence: The thing I love about UCC is… The thing I love about UCC is the old building like a castle in the Harry Potter movie.



Thanks, Peter. Great to get to know you! Best of luck in all you do.