Meet Priscilla – our Photography Competition winner!

by ucclangcent

Meet Priscilla – our Photography Competition winner!

Hello my name is Priscilla.
I’m 27 years old and I live in Brazil, my passion for Ireland began to see movies showing beautiful landscapes like the cliffs of Moher and very exciting music, ever since I started researching more about the country and my passion for this country only increased.

I always had a great desire to study in English in some Irish university, but the opportunity never arose mainly because it’s too expensive for us Brazilians due to exchange rate differences between our countries, because of this always attended deals in an attempt to get a scholarship I tried several sweepstakes and contests hahaha :).
A day looking at the page on facebook UCC seen on the photo contest and decided to participate and to my surprise my photo was among the 10.
I was super happyyyy, with the help of my friends was that my photo was the most voted and consequently the winner, now I’m getting ready to go to study three weeks in UCC am very anxious to know the city, the university and live this cultural experience that is part of my dreams for a long time, thank you for UCC participate in this achievement.
Thank You God!

If you want to join Priscilla, come to our Summer School. All details here.