UCC Language Centre comes to the rescue

by ucclangcent

UCC International Students


The UCC Language Centre had a good news story this month as they welcomed twin sisters, Marina and Natália, from Brasil to study English in UCC after their English institute closed down. Marina and Natália are from a small town called Rio Claro about two hours north west of Sao Paulo. Marina has an undergraduate and postgraduate qualification in Business Administration and has worked in Human Resources in Brasil. Natália has a degree in Biology from UNESP and hopes to go on to postgraduate education, perhaps even start a PhD under the Science without Borders programme in UCC.

The twins came to study English in Dublin earlier this year and were in the unfortunate position of seeing their English institute close down. Marina and Natália were upset and worried about what would happen next.  The Language Centre in UCC reacted quickly to the news that many English schools throughout Ireland…

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