There is a wonderful sense of achievement by the end of the course

by ucclangcent


Becky Coleman

Becky Coleman recently completed a four-week intensive CELTA teacher training course.  She kindly agreed to do a little interview with me about her experience.

Hey Becky thanks for taking the time to do this. Now that the four-week intensive CELTA course is over how do you feel?

I feel wonderful! It’s great getting to sleep at a normal hour!

Can you tell me what were your reasons for doing the course?

I had spent the last year as a substitute teacher in Ireland. I wanted to work full time and I felt the CELTA course would increase my chances of getting full time work as a teacher. I also wanted to travel and I knew that doing the CELTA course would give me the freedom to travel.

Can you tell us a little about the application process? What did you have to do?

There was a face-to-face interview and an hour-long exam to test your basic understanding of English, grammar, vocabulary etc. You will be asked in the interview how much pressure and criticism can you handle and do you think you will be able for the intense nature of the course.

What about before the course – were there things you had to do in preparation?

You will have to do a pre-course task that helps you prepare for the theory the course will cover. The pre-course task is important and it will give you a good idea of how challenging this course will be.

Tell us about the first day? What was that like?

I was very overwhelmed on the first day. The tutors did some lovely ice- breaker games with us in the morning, which helped us to get to know each other. All of the other trainees were lovely which really helped! In the afternoon we went straight into lesson planning as we were teaching the very next day. This was VERY overwhelming!

They say the course is really intensive. It is as relentless as they say or is it exaggerated?

Intensive is putting it mildly. It’s beyond intense! I don’t think anyone will really understand how demanding and intense this course is until they do it themselves. You have to be 100% committed to this course. Your entire social life will have to be put aside for the month if you want to get through it. However people do get through it! There is fantastic support from the tutors and especially the fellow trainees, which really helps.

On the course you have to teach for a total of six hours? How does that work out?

You are divided into two groups of 6. You basically teach a 40 minute lesson every second day. You will also teach a 1 hour lesson in the first two weeks and another hour lesson in the last two weeks. Trainees will have the opportunity to teach both upper intermediate and lower intermediate lessons.

Are the students ‘real’ students?

Yes they are! They are from all over the world. There is a very supportive atmosphere within the lessons and the students are lovely. They are enthusiastic and they want to learn. It is very enjoyable teaching them.

On average how long did it take you to prepare for a lesson?

The dreaded lesson plans! It took me about 5 hours to do a lesson plan in the evenings. They have to be detailed if you are to be confident in your teaching. It’s important to know the subject before you step into a lesson to teach and that is why the lessons have to be so detailed. It was very intense and stressful.

Did the tutors give you a lot of help in the planning stage of your lessons?

The tutors are extremely helpful with the lesson plans. We were very much spoon fed during the first week, however as the weeks go on the tutors will expect the trainees to put their own thoughts and ideas into the lessons. By the last week you will be expected to plan and complete the lesson yourselves.

So, in the morning you have teaching practice and then in the afternoon you have input sessions? Tell us a little about those.

This is the part of the course where you really need to have thick skin! You will be given constructive feedback on how your lesson went. Both the tutor and your fellow trainees will discuss things you did well in the lesson and aspects of the lesson you need to improve for the next time you teach. Take these things on board. The important thing is that you demonstrate improvement throughout the course.

What is the hardest part of the course?

I found the lack of sleep and the input sessions very hard. I was very nervous and anxious listening to the feedback my tutor and peers gave, but overall they are all very supportive and everyone is there to help one another. The feedback is to help you improve. For the entire 4 weeks I was only getting about 3-4 hours sleep a night, I had never experienced such sleep deprivation in my life!

Was there anything you found easy?

To be honest, I found every aspect of this course demanding. But it really is worth it in the end and I felt very proud of myself for getting through it. There is a wonderful sense of achievement by the end of the course.

Was there anything you had not expected at all; something that surprised you?

I did not expect to have such wonderful support from the other trainees. Everyone really unites together and helps each other get through the course. I could not have done the CELTA without the support and encouragement from my fellow trainees. I have definitely made life long friends from doing this course.

What advice would you give someone preparing for the intensive 4-week CELTA course? Are there any books or websites you would suggest?

It is definitely worth doing. However, you will need to be able to commit all of your time to this course. You will get very little sleep, you will be stressed, you will cry, you will have great days and bad days, but if this is something you really want, you will get through it! This course will definitely open many doors full of opportunities but you have to be prepared to work very hard.

I ordered some of the books that are suggested in the recommended reading list.

And finally, now that the course is over what are your plans? How do you intend to use your CELTA qualification?

I have accepted a job in Spain! I’m moving there in a few weeks and I am very excited about this opportunity!

Good for you, Becky! I am sure you will have a great experience and your students will enjoy your classes a lot. Suerte!

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