What is life like for a Japanese student learning English at UCC?

by ucclangcent

Kumiko, from Japan who was here studying English with us in April, May and June

Hi Kumiko, Thanks for taking the time to do this interview with me. I really appreciate it.

Brendan: First of all, can you tell us a little about yourself? Where are you from? What are you studying?

Kumiko: I’m from Nagasaki, japan and study in Tokyo. My major is Hindi and I’m studying especially about India.

Brendan: Why did you choose to come to take an English language course at UCC Language Centre? How did you hear about our Language Centre?

Kumiko: the support centre in my university suggested me UCC, because I prefer nature to city, and I wanted to study in a place where there are less Japanese. And Ireland is located near Spain(I mean, in Europe), where I’d stayed before going to Cork.

Brendan: Before coming to Ireland, what did you know about our country?

Kumiko: I didn’t know anything special, I just searched how the weather in Ireland was.

Brendan: When you arrived what was the biggest surprise for you?

Kumiko: –kindness and cheerfulness of Cork citizens (I had some fear of rational distinction in Europe). And the weather.

Brendan: Did you stay with an Irish family or in student accommodation?

Kumiko: With an Irish family.

Brendan: Is Cork a safe place for Japanese students?

Kumiko: yes!! Safer (and calmer) than Tokyo, can feel relaxed like in Nagasaki.

Brendan: Are Cork people friendly?

Kumiko: definitely yes.

Brendan: What were your classes and teachers like?

Kumiko: the classes were sometimes a bit hard to keep up for me since it was advanced one, but I’m satisfied with them. Teachers gave a lot of opportunities us to speak and ask any questions.

Brendan: What was the daily routine for you?

Kumiko: 6:00 wake up around—have tea—7:00 breakfast –8:30 leave home by car—13:00 class ends—lunch with my friends—library/city centre/or do something—18:00 dinner at home—have a chat with host mother/do homework/take a shower/watch TV –22:30 sleep     **(wed) extra programme, (thu) Zumba class in mardyk

Brendan: Where did your classmates come from?

Kumiko: Saudi arabia, Kazakhstan, korea, china, brasil, Basque, Kuwait, japan


Kumiko and her friends

Brendan: Did you make friends with your classmates?

Kumiko: I feel proud of having such admirable friends.

Brendan: Do you feel more confident in using English now?

Kumiko: I think so.

Brendan: While you were in Ireland, did you get to visit different parts of Ireland?

Kumiko: yes.

Brendan: What was the best place for you?

Kumiko: cliffs of moher and fitzgerald park

Brendan: If one of your Japanese friends was coming to UCC Language Centre, what advice would you give them?

Kumiko: bring an umbrella, visit cliffs of moher, have fun

Brendan: What did you miss about Japan when you were in Cork?

Kumiko: I didn’t miss in fact but if I say something, Japanese rice, grilled fish and natto.

Brendan: What do you miss about Cork, now that you are back in Japan?

Kumiko: my friends.

Brendan: What about the cost of the course? Was it reasonable?

Kumiko: it was affordable as students from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies get 20% discount of prices.

Brendan: I hope you will come back to Cork. Will you?

Kumiko: if I could have a chanceJJ

Brendan: Thank you, Kumiko.