What’s Stirring? 2014

by ucclangcent

This makes for interesting reading and certainly ‘sets minds wondering and wandering.’

Stirring Learning



More connected /more mobile.
Things are changing fast in the UK:

  • 83% of  households now have an internet connection
  • 73% of adults go online at least once a day
  • Over 50% of adults mobiles to go online.

Isn’t it about time our planning for top quality learning opportunities for adults caught up with the real world?

Of course we need to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to benefit from the digital world and the Go On campaign reminds us that  ‘1 in 5 adults in the UK don’t have Basic Online Skills’.  However, our biggest challenge now has to be to offer the skills and knowledge that enable people to take control of their online lives and online learning. Read on to How do we feel about the Internet?  for thoughts on the next real challenge for providers of adult learning.

As 4G mobile connectivity rolls…

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