Kairi Niwa from Tokyo came to UCC to learn English

by ucclangcent

Kairi Niwa from Tokyo

First of all, thanks for taking time to do this little interview Kairi. CCan you tell us a little about yourself? Where are you from? What are you studying?

I’m from Japan. I’m a high school student and I study English to enter University.

 Why did you choose to come to take an English language course at UCC Language Centre?

My father was also in Cork and told me about UCC.

Before coming to Ireland, what did you know about our country?

I didn’t know anything about Ireland but I expected beautiful landscapes.

 When you arrived what was the biggest surprise for you?

I was surprised the weather. It was very cold.

Did you stay with an Irish family or in student accommodation?

I stayed in Student accommodation.

 Is Cork a safe place?

Yes, it is. I think that Cork is safe and comfortable place.

Are Cork people friendly?

Yes, they are. And they are so kind.

 What were your classes and teachers like?

20 hours classes were little easy for me, but to speak with many friends was very fun. And I really liked One to One lessons because I can speak English a lot.

 What was the daily routine for you?

I always study in student accommodation because I have to study to enter the University.

Where did your classmates come from?

Most of students came from Spain and There are some Japanese.

Did you make friends with your classmates?

Yes, I did. I made a lot of friends in 20 hours class.

 Do you feel more confident in using English now?

Yes, I do. I was used to hearing English and I can talk a lot.

While you were in Ireland, did you get to visit different parts of Ireland?

Yes, I did. I went to many places in excursion and private travel. 

What was the best place for you?

I was very impressed with Cliffs of Moher. The landscape was very beautiful.

 If one of your friends was coming to UCC Language Centre, what advice would you give them?

I would like to say that not to be shy and speak a lot English.

 What did you miss about your home country when you were in Cork?

I missed my friends and Japanese food.

 What do you miss about Cork, now that you are back?

I miss my friends who  I met in UCC.

I hope you will come back to Cork. Will you?

Yes, I will. When I enter the University, I’d like to come back to UCC.

Thanks Kairi. We are very happy you had a good time and hope to see you here again. Best of luck from us all.