And the winner is….

by ucclangcent

And finally – our winner. We received hundreds of photographs from all over the world and we are so grateful for all who took the time to enter our competition.

Sadly, there can only be one winner. We spent hours looking at all the images and much discussion took place as to which photographs should be chosen.

However, the winning photograph was the choice of all judges. This photograph has a wonderful artistic feel to it. The photographer creates a mood and atmosphere with his lighting and composition. The image is composed in such a way that your eye is taken from the focus point of the photograph – the bicycle – and beyond to the bridge and then onto the main street. This photograph was taken in the late evening on Cork’s Bridge Street. In the background you can see Patrick’s Bridge and beyond that Cork’s main thoroughfare – Saint Patrick’s Street.

Congratulations to Krystian Mastej for taking this beautiful image of our city.

Krystian Mastej Cork from Patrick's Bridge

The winning photograph is from Krystian Mastej and his view of Cork from Patrick’s Bridge