2 weeks is enough for me to fall in love with this small city

by ucclangcent

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Dzung’s University Identity Card

On March 11 of this year, Dzung Keil, a young Vietnamese woman, came to study English with us here at the Language Centre for a period of two weeks. Dzung came on a scholarship from Enterprise Ireland in Vietnam. You may have read about her in previous posts on this blog. Here is a link to that post. You can also see some amazing photographs of Vietnam there.

As part of her stay, Dzung has been keeping a blog and she has shared some of this with me to post on our blog. The photos are Dzung’s too. Thanks for sharing this. It is really interesting to read and learn of your experience and we are very happy you had a great time with us. We really look forward to you coming back again. It’s great to think that you will return to Vietnam with such a positive impression of our school, university, and of course, of Cork.

Yup, finally I have been here, in Cork for nearly two weeks. Almost my friends say that it is such a short time. To be honest, I also wish to have more days being as a student in UCC, a resident in Cork. However, I think the period of 2 weeks is enough for me to fall in love with this small city.

After the first day in school, my host asked me how it was going on, the only thing I can say is “well, it is fine, the teacher is funny, other students are so friendly”. Just like a machine. Nevertheless, now, I am aware of the way how my answer could change. This is not the first time I have learnt English with the native teacher. I have got familiar with it from some English courses I took in Vietnam. Actually, it is not like here at all. Here, I got boosted into a active role in class. I was forced to speak, to express myself. The teacher is always devoted to hear from students in order to know what we think and what we are trying to say, even though sometimes I suppose that it must be the hardest mission. They give me a chance to present a bit about Vietnam, about Vietnamese. Because some other students do not know much about Vietnam and where it is. We share the common and different points in culture, tradition and even language. It seemed to me that it is not only a language class but a tiny diverse society as well.

Everyday, I go to school by bus, number 205. It does not take a lot of time to wait for the bus. Since it always runs on time as scheduled. After arriving in UCC, I was quickly given a student card which helped me to get a cheap ticket bus. Thanks to it, I can go everywhere with the cheap cost. However, I prefer to walk in Cork. Walking slowly in the colourful streets with a lot of restaurants, shopping centers, stores, throws myself at the overwhelmed emotion. Above all, it is really lovely and I feel that Cork is an exquisite place. I was so excited to quite the school and enter the city center without map. I did it and I did not get lost. I remembered all the roads and streets which I passed and even saw in the map. I love that feeling, it makes me at home, yes, home.

I did come to Dublin last weekend. Many people from other countries also came there to see the parade. The streets were crowded. Everything is much more expensive than those in Cork. People are not as much hospitable as here. At that time, I just wanted to come back immediately to Cork, the peaceful place where I can deepen myself in the quite atmosphere here.I can not figure out the reason I fall in love with this city, with this school. I can only say that I will do my best to have a second chance to come back here, for longer time. A big big thank to UCC language Center for supporting me a lots, a great thank to Enterprise Ireland in Vietnam which sent me here. Hope that you guys enjoy your time in UCC Language Center to get the best results as you desire. See you!

Thanks again, Dzung. It was great to meet you. Please come back!



The view to the back of the Language Centre


A Guinness wallet


Some Irish baseball caps


Near where Dzung was staying


Another view of the University