First day down in CELTA

by ucclangcent

We have completed 5% of the CELTA course. (present perfect simple!)

Day one is over. A long and tiring day for our new trainees, but they got through it. There is so much to take in on any new course; new names to remember, a new timetable, course books, the maze-like building that O’ Rahilly Building is, and even more on the CELTA courses with all its terminology. I imagine the students will be dreaming of lesson plans, stages, aims, interaction patterns, monitoring, concept checking questions.

So, here’s wishing Brian, Owen, Ankie, Finola, Aideen, Laura, Sara, Janusz, Aideen, Michael, and Erika the very best of luck. Only 95% of the course to go.

photo 2 (1)