A new week ahead

by ucclangcent


I have not been posting here for a while. I think of a million and one excuses as to why I have not posted, but I guess the main reason is I have been so busy getting ready for my presentation at the Berlin Online Educa conference this week. Since the start of the term, the students and I have been engaged in a project where we are trying to extend the learning beyond the classroom by sourcing materials based on the students’ interests and designing language learning exercises based on these. These exercises are then shared using google docs. There have been some very good exercises, some of which I will post later.

In class, we had presentations last week. The students gave wonderful presentations about their countries. They have written up a report based on this which I will post later this week. In class we have eight different nationalities and each country was presented excellently.

Time to get ready for class. Have a good week. Stay tuned for updates.