This semester has benefited me a lot in all my skills

by ucclangcent

Saudi Arabian flag

Arwa, from Saudi Arabia, tells us about the progress she has made in learning English since the start of term.

English is now the number-one language worldwide. Many people now travel to English-speaking countries to improve their English. For the same reason, I have come to Ireland and particularly to the UCC in Cork to enhance my English language.

As I have studied for five weeks, I have noticed improvement in my English language in the fields of listening, speaking, reading, vocabulary, and writing. To start with listening, listening to some voice-clips in class to answer some questions has helped me in concentration. Visiting some websites recommended by teachers, such as TED and BBC news, has helped me a lot in understanding the message that the native English speaker want to convey.

Moving on to the speaking skill, I gained confident while speaking during this term. That is, we learn collaboratively in groups and get the chance to speak to each other. Also, the teacher sometimes allows us to express our ideas in relation to the lesson being taught. Both speaking activities have helped me gain the efficient capacity of mutual discussion.

We practice reading in class in various ways. One of which is to read articles of our interest, and then tell what the article is about. Another is to read some passages from the textbook and then answer some questions. I active read both, and track the authors’ style. In addition, I found out that I have learnt new vocabulary words while reading.

We come across new vocabulary in class in numerous ways; one of which is to share among students the words we have learnt so far. Also, the most useful technique is when we learn the morphological other forms of the new word. It allows me to reminisce about the groups of words and how each is used.

Finally, my writing has developed hastily as well. Studying different forms of grammar in class and learning how and when each is used has made a big change in my writing, as well as reflecting the new vocabularies and word chunks that I have learnt while speaking or reading. Moreover, my scheme of writing has become much better for that I got influenced by the narrative styles of different authors when reading actively.

To conclude, this semester has benefited me a lot in all my skills as evident prior. However, I am looking forward to enhance my skills in every field or skill as I continue studying at UCC. At last, I would like to thank my teachers for helping us with all sincerity.

Thanks Arwa. I hope you continue to make good progress.