I have new ideas on how to learn English

by ucclangcent

Wan from Thailand

Wan, from Thailand, tells us about the progress she has made in learning English since the start of term.

I started an English Intensive class at UCC on 1st October. What I have learnt so far are the following: Grammar; tenses (past simple tense, past continuous, past perfect simple tense, past perfect continuous), present tense (past simple tense, past continuous, past perfect simple tense, past perfect continuous) and future tense (future simple tense, future continuous, future perfect simple tense, future perfect continuous).  I know much more about vocabulary, such as, the meaning of word, create new word by put some other word in front or in the end of word which we call prefix and suffix.  I am more familiar with the use of phrasal verbs, as we have learnt of the idea of word “up, down, on and off” then those words can creative many words. I also have studied about the prediction words, such as, will, if, likely and probably which is I a bit confused still. I would love to learn more about small talk that teacher have done teaching us and pushed we to talk also make conversation between each other. I have a better understanding of slang word much more than before as some native English speakers often use slang which confuses me a lot.  The last benefit is I have studied about how to do the IELTS TEST : Writing in task I. I know the method and trip when we have to describe a chart, bar, diagram and table. This course had effected me that I more confident to make conversation with a native English speakers, use new phrasal verbs which I am sure in the meaning and I can use correctly then our chatting become more interesting.

I have new ideas on how to learn English. For example, the listening skill that I am listening to radio also follow some academic website, such as TED. For the reading skill that I am reading novel (Men are from Mars, Women are from vinous) news and some knowledge articles online. In speaking skill practise that I discussion and work group with friends in class and many people who I have met in during day including in the market where I was shopping food. The last skill is writing that I am trying to practise more and more via doing homework.

I love to sit in class and observe the interactions of students and teacher. I feel that our class has a good level of participation and interactions in class discussions leading to greater understanding and benefit to all.

Thanks Wan. I hope you continue to make good progress.