Another week ahead

by ucclangcent

Good morning! And what a beautiful, crisp early-winter morning it is. The photo above was taken at 8.15 from my office window.

We are at the midway point of the twelve week course. Over the weekend, the students had to write a reflective piece on their learning experience so far. They will share these with each other at the start of the class and from this we will try to map out a  plan for the remaining six weeks of the course. Here are the things the students have set as targets for learning this week. Salman, Arwa and Micaela all want writing practice for IELTS Task 2. Sunhak, from South Korea and Khalid from France, both would like to improve their listening. Wan, our Thai student, wants to become more accurate when using tenses and Julie, from Brazil, wants to improve in her use of phrasal verbs. Speaking is a priority for all students. To help them in this, I will be using the excellent first unit from The Language of Meetings. It has great activities on how to sound more natural when speaking.

Also, this morning we are playing a vocabulary game with phrasal verbs.

The sun is still shining! Have a great week.