Meet the teachers (Séamas)

by ucclangcent

The upper-intermediate class has two teachers; myself, Brendan, and Seámas. As part of our interview series, it is only fair that the students get to interview the teachers too. Here is the first interview with Séamas.

Ahmad: What’s is your favourite dish ( kind of food )?
Séamas: I don’t know if I have any favourite dish as I enjoy all types of cuisines.  I don’t eat red meat and am more of a vegetarian than anything, but not a strict one.  I do enjoy the various spices in Middle Eastern and Indian dishes, and really enjoy the dishes I concoct on my own!

Christoph:  Why did you become a teacher? What were your reasons?
Séamas:I have always enjoyed teaching and the interaction with students.  I have done various types of teaching in my different careers.  I enjoy teaching international students because you learn so much about the different cultures, and there is a great sense of satisfaction when you can help students.  

Wan:  What does the different for you between the best student and the weakness one? And how can you cope as need to keep your eyes to everyone?
Séamas: Well, that’s the challenge of a teacher, to be able to keep both the weaker and the stronger attentive at the same time…not always an easy thing to do.

Julie:  Which is your favorite Opera? Could you tell us a little about it?
Séamas: My favourite opera is Lucia di Lammermoor by Gaetano Donizetti.  The story is from The Bride of Lamermoor by Walter Scott.  The music is beautiful and I know every note.  It’s a bit like Romeo and Juliet.  Two families are mortal enemies, and the woman of one and the man of another fall in love.  The brother of Lucia is outraged and the man, Edgardo is sent to Scotland on mission and they promise eternal love.,  The brother of Lucia intercepts the letters and forces her to marry another.  Edgardo arrives and thinks Lucia has been unfaithful and she is in grief.  The night of her wedding she kills her husband in a fit of insanity and dies.  Edgardo discovers that she really did love him and was forced into a loveless marriage.  Unable to live without her, he stabs himself and dies.

Micaela:  Did you travel? What was your favourite place?
Séamas: I have traveled to many countries and each place has its own particular charm, but my favourite city is Jerusalem.  I lived there while studying and the Middle East is fascinating and Jerusalem is an interesting place.  In many ways the Old City hasn’t changed and you expect to see Jesus in the streets.  Muslims, Jews, and Christians live there and it’s a unique place to visit.

Sam :   How long have been teaching in UCC?Why you chose UCC?
Séamas: This is my third year teaching at UCC.  I love universities. They are so alive with activity and the joy of learning, and one of the reasons I wanted to teach here was because I heard such wonderful things about Brendan Ó Sé and wanted to work with him!

Khalid: You and Brendan both have a lot of experience in teaching and you seems to enjoy sharing your knowledge with young people and beyond that, your motivations is transmitted to your listener (and we know that motivation is the cornerstone of the learning process). Could you tell us individually what has motivated you to become a teacher  and what is motivating you on every days life basis?
Séamas: Education has always been important to me, and I spent most of my life both as a student and teacher and love to learn.  I had some wonderful teachers in my life who inspired me and taught me some important lessons.  I wanted to be able to do the same thing for students and help them to become passionate about learning.

John: I am very curious. where is your energetic come from?
Séamas: It must be my Irish blood!  I have always been energetic and enthusiastic about the things I love, and still get excited about life.  When you love something, it’s hard not to show it.