“…there is a tremendous chance for all of us to create a better world.”

by ucclangcent

“If civil society does it right and joins the other actors — in particular, governments, governments and their international institutions, but also large international actors, in particular those which have committed themselves to corporate social responsibility — then in this magical triangle between civil society, government and private sector, there is a tremendous chance for all of us to create a better world.” – Peter Eigen

Khalid, from France, talks about a TED talk which he enjoyed. 

The TED talk that I’ve decided to describe is the one of Mr Peter Eigen, ex director of the World Bank office in Nairobi for East Africa, and above all, founder of the NGO Transparency International, speaking about bribery and the ways to expose it.

During his speech he explains, among other details, how solid projects benefit  the public, supported by all the investors and the elites of the target countries were put aside for the profit of disastrous projects, and this, only because of  large-scale bribery supported by major Eastern major companies and countries.

I’ve chosen this talk among the others because I think it emphasizes very accurately that corruption is the biggest challenge before implementing efficient development and humanitarian programs, and this, to avoid all the efforts and money invested to be put aside by politicians and businessman fearing neither god nor man.

Not only did the talks of Mr Eigen highlights the correlation between large-scale corruption and failing governance, but it also emphasized his way  to eradicate it by coordinating the work and efforts of  civil society, governments, and international institutions.

I hope you’ll enjoy this talk as much as i did!

Watch it here