Ten interesting facts about Thailand

by ucclangcent

Wan, our Thai student, shares some interesting information about her country. 


Today I had been reading the article ” Living as a ‘Farang’ in Thailand. It quite interesting article because we will know some of Thai culture and if we would like traveling at Thailand, the land of smile then it necessary to know some information before make decision.

Here we are, as Thailand is locate in Asia and Thai culture very different from the westurn culture. So some few rule we should know before travel.
1. Thailand is the land of smile.
2. Thai people respect for the King.
3. Most of Thai are Buddism and show respect for the Buddha.
4. A head is the highest of body and do not touch anybody’s head.
5. Do not point your feet to anybody as it mean looking down on him/her.
6. Do not step over anyone.
7. Thai washing cloths, it is step of top to down (the idea is wash from highest to lowest).
8. Drying yourself after shower from top to down (same idea of washing cloths).
9. A symbol of a beauty is a whiteness. Thai believe is someone has dark skin which is mean he/she works hard and poor so Thai prefer to have white skin and try to safe themselve from the sun, such as use an umbrela even they are driving a motorbike.
10. “Wai” is Thai treditional for greeted and welknown of the world.

This is the link of this article :  http://www.woodlands-junior.kent.sch.uk/Thaicult.html