I like Mondays

by ucclangcent

Another week begins here at the University Language Centre. Heading into the end of October, the mornings are getting darker and getting colder. On the way into campus this morning, I stopped to take a few snaps. As you can see, it is still not fully bright, but at least it is dry.

I like Mondays. Students may come in tired after their weekends, but they have a lot to share about their weekends. This morning to kick things off (there’s that phrasal verb -PV- again), I will set them the task to come up with (another PV) with two things related to English they have been learning that they feel sure about now, two things they came across (another PV) and they are beginning to learn, and two new things which they can’t work out (another PV).

We will then discuss our collaborative learning plan for the week ahead. Have a good week.