Who will win the election?

by ucclangcent

Who will win?

Wan, from Thailand, was reading about the American presidential election.

I was reading this article because i am interested in politics as my previous work was as a government officer and I also studied this major. The American political scene is very important for the world as their position is the most powerful  and the next president will directly and indirectly affect our lives. That is why I would like to know about it.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan were moving to Ohio, where they had hard time to flip that state and it seemed out of control last week. They had been trying to get supporters, which is why Ryan has been saying that Republicans will bring the jobs back to the state, while Romney had been talking about the green energy and not necessary to control  coal as it will not cause much pollution in the future.  In Amercan history  it has shown no Republican has ever been elected President while losing Ohio and today the PPP poll shows Obama is in the lead in this area.