‘Ideas worth spreading’ – ted.com

by ucclangcent

The Internet offers so many resources for learning and one of the best resources of is ted.com. “Ideas worth spreading”. 

Here, Arwa from Saudi Arabia tells why she feels ted.com is so valuable to students of English. Next week, you will be able to read about great TED talks our students have watched, and you can learn why they feel it is so great for all those who want to learn, and in particular, why it is great for learners of English.

TED is a very useful website that can help foreign students improve their English in many ways. First, it displays the script of the video while you’re watching it, so students can follow up easily if they misunderstand a word or phrase. It can also help students to check the pronunciation of words they aren’t sure of. It can, as well, help students to understand how to come up with different forms and sentences by the active listening technique. What attracted me the most about TED as a student is that you can search the topic you’re interested in, and just watch the video enjoyably! TED is worth to try!