Mohammed from Saudi Arabia interviews our youngest student, Ahmed from Kuwait

by ucclangcent

Mohammed: Where do you come from?

Ahmed: I’m from Kuwait which lies between Saudi Arabia and Iraq, in the middle east.

Mohammed: Tell me a little about your hometown?

Ahmed: I came from a small region where the high temperature and no high buildings which exist at the city side.

Mohammed:  Do you like food? What kind of food do you like?

Ahmed: Yes, I like food. Actually, it’s my like. However, more I eat, less weight I get. I like all kinds of food, especially the Italian food.

Mohammed: Do you have a big or small family?

Ahmed: I have a big family. There are 5 boys, 2 girls and my parents.

Mohammed: Tell me your full name?

Ahmed: My full name is AHMAD H S M Q ALENEZI.

Mohammed: Did you ever come to Ireland before? Why do you choose Ireland for study?

Ahmed: No I didn’t, It’s my first time. I want to study at Ireland because it’s recommended to me as the best place to study medicine because there are great universities and colleges like UCC , Trinity , UCD and RCSI.

Mohammed:Do you prefer study alone or with other people? And why?

Ahmed: It depends on the time and subject I study. To illustrate, when I study English, I’d prefer to study in groups. Whereas, when I study Chemistry or Biology, I’d prefer to study on my own.

Mohammed: If could choose one place to visit on holiday, where would you go?

Ahmed: I would choose Kuwait obviously.

Mohammed: What did you study before coming to Cork?

Ahmed: I was at high school before I came to Ireland.

Mohammed: What are you going to do after the English course?

Ahmed: I’m going to study Medicine in Dublin.