A new week ahead

by ucclangcent

Another week begins. I thought it would be a good idea to kick the week off (there is an example of a phrasal verb with off) by asking the students what they would like to focus on for the week. It is a great way to get the students focussed on their learning objectives and to allow me, as teacher, to plan to meet their learning needs.

Here is what the students reported back to me.

John from China would like to improve his listening and to have written homework so he can practise his report writing. Ahmad from Kuwait wants ideas on how to help him to remember vocabulary. Arwa wants to learn of techniques on how to make her writing more engaging for the reader, and to improve her writing for IELTS. From Germany, Christoph, asked specific questions about the differences between the Present Perfect Continuous and Simple forms. Salman from Saudi Arabia wants to improve his writing for IELTS. Our Thai student, Wan, asked specific questions about short answers using the appropriate modal and auxillary verbs. From Korea, Sun Hak asked about differences between passive and active forms. Fluency improvements is Khalid from France’s objective this week.

Lots to get done in class, and outside class it seems. This morning we began on IELTS Task 1. Students have been set (there is the present perfect simple passive) written homework.

Here’s to a good week.