…a twirling carousel of four full-scale escalators!

by ucclangcent

Arwa from Saudi Arabia, a lover of all things to do with fashion tells us about an article she read in the Irish Examiner about a new fashion show by top American designer Marc Jacobs and how reading can help you to improve your English.

My newspaper article has to do with fashion. The newspaper article was totally abnormal; the American top designer, Marc Jacobs, has designed for Louis Vuitton’s (LV’s) ready-to-wear Spring/Summer 2013! Not only has he designed for LV, but he also changed some of  LV’s well-known fabrics. He had added some more elegant colours, such as soft maroon and light brown.

Moving away from clothes, the very famous artist, Daniel Buren, was responsible for choosing and designing the setting of the event. He had chosen the “Paris’ Palais Royal Louvre”!

More exciting news comes from the fact that he had designed a twirling carousel of four full-scale escalators! That never had happened in any fashion show before. This was a first!

Stating my personal opinion, frankly, it’s a very nice idea to use escalators! That is, people from far and near can easily see the clothes worn by models very clearly from the front and back.

Reading this article has helped me a lot in learning new vocabulary, such as “carousel”. However, I am planning to re-read it again actively, to enable myself to be enlightened by the style of writing the writer has used for this kind of article.

I encourage all people to read as much as they can every day, to enhance their language in reading, vocabulary and in writing as well. To emphasize a point: Active reading is the way to be a very creative writer!