Salman from Saudi Arabia interviewed Sunhak from South Korea

by ucclangcent


Salman: What did you study before coming to Cork?

Sunhak:I studied Business.

Salman:What about your family? Do you have many brothers and sisters? Tell me about them?

Sunhak: I have a sister. She is older than me. She worked a publishing company and she is such an amazing artist. My family is very reliable and hardworking.

Salman: If you could choose one place to visit on holiday, where would you go and why?

Sunhak: I would go to London with my family. Even though everything is expensive, London is still one of beautiful cities.

Salman: Do you prefer to study alone or with other people?

Sunhak: I prefer to study alone. Even I prefer to watch a film alone.

Salman: What are you going to do after the English course?

Sunhak: I am going to graduate from college.

Salman: What about Irish food; do you like it?

Sunhak: I like Irish stew.

Salman: What is your hobby?

Sunhak: Listening to music.

Salman: Have you been to Blarney castle?

Sunhak: Yes, I have. The top of Blarney castle affords a view of the park.

Salman: Do you drink alcohol?

Sunhak: Yes, I do. I do like to go for a drink with my close friends.

Salman: Do you have something to say to people?

Sunhak: Hello, nice to meet you. I do hope you are always happy.