…nearly every language centre student said the place reminds them of J.K. Rowling’s favourite college

by ucclangcent

Another grayish, rainy morning, but in fairness for me it’s another possibility to learn. After disappearing in the bathroom and reappearing fully dressed and washed while still half asleep, I head to university. The sight of UCC is still stunning, even after two months. Those large old buildings radiate  an  awe-inspiring atmosphere, whilst their surroundings delight you with isles of green and spots of different colours, where flowers are growing. When I arrived here for the first time, I thought one of my classes would be broomstick riding. In particular, nearly every language centre student said the place reminds them of J.K. Rowling’s favourite college. However, that didn’t happen. Instead, my expectations were exceeded. The reason why I had come here is simple: to improve my English because I want to become a teacher of English. Admittedly, my home university also requires me to stay abroad for some time (but that doesn’t sound as nice, does it?). Not only have I improved my command of English, but also my knowledge about learning itself. Most important, our teachers encouraged us to learn outside the classroom and that exposure to real life situations is the best way to progress. Furthermore, Brendan and Seamás equipped us with skills needed for that. Cork offers, without doubt, a lot of opportunities to experiment with the language, it’s all up to you to take them. And here I am, enjoying the rebel county’s offers for the last couple of weeks. Coming here has really paid, so there is no need to regret it, rather the contrary. Oh, by the way, I’m Christoph from Germany and I think at the end of the day it all balances out…even the Irish weather, since the sun is shining now.