Getting to know our students

by ucclangcent

This week our students have been getting to know more about each other. There are ten students in our class and they divided into five pairs and interviewed each other. Here is the first of these interviews.

Khalid from France interviewed John from China

Khalid: Hello John! Could you tell me who you are and from which city are you from?

John: Hi, I am john. I am from the capital of China-Beijing.

Khalid: What can you tell us about China and Beijing more particularly?

John: Many foreigners will ask me a lot of information about china. As we know, china has a lot of population, especially, Beijing. In addition to, Beijing has so many sights, like the great wall, summer place, the heaven temple and so on. In the all, Beijing is very history city.

Khalid: Do you stay generally in China or do you travel very often and was it easy or tough to leave your country and all the people who love you and you love?

John: On every vocation, I still stay at Beijing. Because there are many friends appeal to me.
Unfortunately, I have to start my new trip and leave my Chinese friends. A new school and new faces, it makes me have to accept new environment.

Khalid: Do you think that UCC is a good choice to learn English and what’s your opinion about that?

John: I choose UCC and love it. Although new cultural will take you some trouble, it is not barrier to communicate with my new friends.
For most Chinese students, an English environment is the key to improve my English level. Therefore I choose UCC without hesitation.

Khalid: For how long have you been here?

John: I have been here for 1 month.

Khalid: What do you think about the UCC language center and Ireland globally?

John: I found that UCC language center is really good place to study English. It is really different from domestic.
It is really different from domestic. If some students come here, I would suggest you take some domestic spice.

After all, it is really difficult to taste Irish food for the first time.