Arwa from Saudi Arabia interviews Wan from Thailand

by ucclangcent

Arwa: Tell me a little about your hometown?
Wan: My hometown is the country side of north-east of Thailand there is rish of the couture and a lot of temple follow Kamair style from the old day.

Arwa:What did you study before coming to Cork?
Wan: I have been studying The Master degree : Public Administration  (MPA) as there was suit my work and I also like a political but I always love to learn an English as I would like to know and improve my English as well.

Arwa: If you could choose one place to visit on holiday, where would you go and why?
Wan:I would like to go to Iceland because I saw the Aurora Polaris on the picture then i fall in love and dream of travel there some day.

Arwa: What has surprised you about Cork?
Wan:Irish people has surprised me as I was imagine before I came here that I will have hard time to live, such as; the communicate, the food and the transport. But what I see is an Irish people they are friendly careful and helpful, which is mean they are easier than I thought.

Arwa: What are you going to do after the English course?
Wan:I am going to study the English Master degree at UCC.

Arwa: What advice would you give someone from your country coming to live and study in Cork?
Wan:In my opinion the first important thing that anybody should to know is English as it necessary to know and learn, it will make them have more oppurtunity of life to live including study in Cork.

Arwa:What would you advise people who plan to spend their vacation in Thailand?
Wan: I would like to recommend them to visit and get the sense of Thailand. Let start at The North of Thailand, these are beautiful and have a lot of different culture from village hill people. there are a lot of tea and fresh coffee from farms, which will touch you sult. Next area is The North-East, there are many localt people from different group and different culture they will very welcome you to visit and treat you like the best gest and you will impress. After that we go down to The South of as we have the most beautiful island in south of Asia, it is Phuket island. You will see white sand blue sea and light bule from sky including of some boats and people aroud but will not be busy as they have good organise for the tourist. Finaly the big and busy town that is Bangkok, it is the capital of Thailand. There the very beautiful temple and rayal palace which is around by the Choa Pra Ya river and you can take a trip by a boat to look around old building. In a night y! ou will see Bangkok never sleep.

Arwa: What is the most known traditional food in Thailand?
Wan:The most known traditional food in Thailand is “Tom Yum” it is very spicy sour and a bit sult so all we call for it is “testy”!.

Arwa: What distinguishes your country the most among other countries?
Wan:The distinguishes from Thailand to other countries is we are the land of friendly smile with very welcome for everyone who come to visit.

Arwa: Who is your role-model? W! hy is that?
Wan: My mother is my role-model because she is the best woman in the world for me she always caring and wish i well from her heart and now I have my daughters and I took after her good personalities and proud of it so much.