Ahmed from Kuwait interviewed Mohammed from Saudi Arabia

by ucclangcent

Ahmed from Kuwait interviewed Mohammed from Saudi Arabia

Ahmed: What’s your name ? What do study ? And where ?

Mohammed: My name is Mohammed Almatrafi, i am studying English language at Language Center in Cork – Ireland.

Ahmed: Could you tell me a little bit about where you came ?
Mohammed: I came from The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a country situated in Southwest Asia and the largest country of Arabia. The country extends from the Red Sea in the west to the Arabian Gulf in the east.

Ahmed: What did you study before coming to Cork ?
Mohammed: I studied financial accounting.

Ahmed: If u could choose one place to visit on holiday , where would you go and why ?
Mohammed: I will choose Milan, because it is nice place to spend your holiday, i like Italian food and it will be great to eat in Italy.

Ahmed: Do u prefer to study alone or with people ? And why ?
Mohammed: Actually i prefer to study alone, but sometimes i like to study with my friend to understand the difficult of subjects.

Ahmed: what is the best thing about learning Eng! lish at UCC ?
Mohammed: I like study abroad because you can spend all the time speaking English, also to meet
other students of different nationalities.

Ahmed: What has surprised you about Cork ?
Mohammed: Actually i am not surprise. Cork is nice place to study, because it is quiet city.

Ahmed: What r u going to do after the English course ?
Mohammed: I am planning to complete my high studies in Ireland.

Ahmed: Why do you want to study at UCC while you have great universities in your country ?
Mohammed: Because i want to spend part of my life abroad and to speak English very well, also ucc has very good reputation.

Ahmed: What do you benefit activities you do if you have free time ?
Mohammed: Now i am in language stage, so i studying , reading english book and watching tv to improve my english.